Revision 2

We’re working on the minor modifications to our development units in order to future proof against the Raspberry Pi Rev 2.

Also we’ve discovered there’s another version of the 2010 Big Trak, we’re calling it Big Trak 2010 Rev2.!
The major changes appear to a fully populated control board with only one IC not two.
There’s also a 3 pole switch with according to the manual has separate ‘carpet’ and ‘wooden floor’ modes.
Preliminary analysis implies ‘Carpet mode’ doesn’t appear to do much but the drive does sound intriguingly different.

If you have Big Trak Rev2 fear not, the information currently in the wiki still applies and you can build your own RaspberryTortoise.

We will be updating the wiki with new Big Trak info once we’ve done a full autopsy of the Rev 2.

If you have any questions or find that your Big Trak is yet another standard, we’d love to hear from you below.